Truffles had 5 babies on 5-15. Mom and babies are doing wonderful.
She is a very attentive mother and babies have very full bellies. It
looks like we have 4 girls and one boy. All have dark eyes. We'll get a
pic of them up in a couple days after their colors start showing.

Update 5-19..First pics! Babies are doing wonderful! Will update their
pics when they get some fur.

Update 5-28.. New pic! The lighting wasn't very good yesterday. Better
pics when we do their individuals next week. They are big, beautiful

Update 6-4...Individuals are up. They are such chubby ratties!
Girl 1
Agouti Self Dumbo
* Home with Tina *
Girl 2
Agouti Self
 * Keeping
JM Rylee *
Girl 3
Black Self Dumbo
*Home with Tina *
Girl 4
Agouti Self Dumbo
* Keeping JM Tawni *
Boy 1
Black Self Dumbo
* Keeping JM Reuben *