Seneca had 7 babies on 8-26. It was a difficult delivery and several of
the babies were bruised. We lost 4 of them the first 24 hours :(  
Seneca is doing well and the 3 remaining babies look great. Good size
and eating well.
It's always sad when you have so many losses but we're thankful
mom is doing good and we have 3 babies that are doing well.
It looks like we have 2 girls and a boy. We'll have another update on
them in a few days and get a pic of them up.
Update 9-2..First pics of the babies. They are doing wonderful. And
becoming quite chubby :) We have 2 girls, one is smooth coat and the
other is satin. And the boy is a smooth coat. Not sure on the colors yet.
We'll update on them again once they get in their fur.
Update 9-8..New pics of the babies. They are doing very well and are
very chubby :) They will be staying here with me. The girls especially
turned out to be exactly what I was hoping to get from this pairing.

Update 9-20..Babies are doing very well. They are chubby and happy
babies. New pics of them are up. All will be staying here :)
Girl 1
Burmese Self Satin Dumbo
** Keeping JM India**
Girl 2
Russian Silver Burmese Self
** Keeping JM Believe **
Boy 1
Burmese Self Dumbo
** Keeping JM Ryder **