Sangria had 11 babies on 9-28. Mom and babies are doing well. Sangria
is an excellent mom and babies always have full milk bellies. It looks like
we have 5 boys and 6 girls. I'll get a pic of them up in a few days once
their color and markings start showing better.
Boys 10-2
Girls 10-2
Update 10-3..First pics! Babies are all doing wonderful. I'll get individual
pics up once their fur comes in and can tell which are agouti based.
Boys 10-7
Girls 10-7
Pile of babies
Update 10-7..New pics of everyone. They are all doing great. The lighting today
wasn't very good so it gives the blue babies a more brown tone than they really
are. I'll be getting individual pics of them up by the weekend.

Update 10-11..Baby pics! They are all doing wonderful. Chubby and sweet babies.
We'll update with new pics when they are 3 weeks and be ready to reserve.
Girl 1
Agouti Berkshire Dumbo
~ Keeping  JM Autumn ~
Girl 2
Black Berkshire Dumbo
* Home with  Robin T. *
Girl 3
Black Variegated Dumbo
* Home with Ed & Christy W. *
Girl 4
Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo
~ Keeping JM Marina ~
Boy 1
Russian Blue Agouti Variberk
* Home with Dick & Nina T. *
Boy 2
Black Variegated Dumbo
* Home with Dick & Nina T. *
Boy 3
Russian Blue Agouti
Variegated Dumbo
~ Keeping JM Fnley ~
Boy 4
Russian Blue Agouti Berkshire
~ Keeping JM Karter ~
Boy 5
Agouti Variberk Dumbo
~ Keeping JM Bronson ~
Girl 5
Black Irish Dumbo
* Home with Ed & Christy W.*
Girl 6
Agouti Variberk Dumbo
* Home with Robin T. *