JM Sadie
JM Leo
Sadie had 14 babies on 1-29-06. She was 3 days late and had a
difficult birth. Most of the babies have bruising and their color is
dark. We lost 2 babies within a few hours of birth. Sadie is doing
well, thankfully! She is being a very attentive mother.

Update 1-30-06... Sadly, we are down to 6 babies. We figured we
would lose some of them. We are hopeful for the remaining babies
but we could still lose more. Please keep them in your thoughts. Of
the remaining babies it looks like there is 3 boys and 3 girls. One
light eye girl and the rest of them have dark eyes. Will update with
more info tomorrow.

Update 2-5-06... Babies are a week old today and doing wonderful!
Pics are up! Will update more when their fur comes in a few more
days!  New group pics as well.

Boys 2-5-06                                   Girls 2-5-06

Update 2-8-06.. New pics up! Babies are doing great. We are still
undecided on which girl we are going to keep.  Will update again
when they open their eyes.

Boys 2-8-06                                     Girls 2-8-06

Update 2-14-06..New Pics! Babies are doing wonderful! They are
Chubby babies! Too cute! They are beginning to nibble on solid
food. Will update again in a few days.

Update 2-20-06.. Babies are doing great! New pics!! These babies
are beautiful! They are all eating well!

Update 2-26-05...Babies are doing great! Added a couple pics and
we will be taking some more tomorrow. They will be ready to go to
their new homes after March 9th.    

Update 2-28-06..More pics added!!
Boy 2
Agouti Self
Smooth Coat Dumbo
Went home with Amber
Boy 3
Black Self
Smooth Coat Dumbo
Keeping JM Marshall
Boy 1
Agouti Self
Smooth Coat Dumbo
Keeping JM Mason
Girl 1
Fawn Variegated W/Headspot
Smooth Coat Dumbo
Keeping JM Martini
Girl 2
Agouti Variberk W/ Headspot
Smooth Coat Dumbo
Went home with Amber
Girl 3
American Blue Self
Smooth Coat Dumbo
Went home with Tina
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