Sabrina had 4 babies on 12-7. 1 baby was stillborn. It was a very
difficult delivery for her. The babies were pretty bruised up. The next
day after checking her over well, I found a lump in her belly. Another
baby was still in there :(  I massaged her tummy a bit and put her back
in with her litter. She delivered the baby a few minutes later. The baby
was very big and was alive but only lived for about an hour.
Since then, everything has been going well. She is a good momma.
We have 3 babies surviving. 2 males and a female. The one male is
very tiny, only half as big as his siblings. They are 4 days old today and
he's still with us so we'll have to wait and see how he does.
We'll update on them in a couple more days and get a pic of them :)
Update 12-14..Baby pics from yesterday. They are doing well. You can see
how much smaller the little male is compared to his siblings. He is gaining
weight and we're hopeful for him. The other 2 babies are doing wonderful.
We'll update their pics in a couple days once they start getting some fur.
male satin,female rex and little
boy is a rex or satin rex
6 days old. 12-13-13
Update 12-20...New pics of the babies. Sadly we lost the tiny boy at 9 days :(
He was just not gaining weight or growing. These 2 are doing wonderful
though. Very chubby babies. I will be keeping both of them here. New pics
once they open their eyes.
12-19...12 days old
Male satin and female rex
12-19...12 days old
Male satin and female rex
Girl 1
Burmese Self Rex Dumbo
~ Keeping JM Khaya ~
Boy 1
American Blue Burmese Self
Satin Dumbo
~ Keeping ~
Pic of the two of them together.
Beautiful babies. I couldn't have
asked for two more perfect babies.