Waiting List
 Babies are reserved from our waiting list. If you would like
to be added to the list, send us an email telling us your          
* Location and phone number *
* Do you currently own rats or will these be your first rats?
* How many do you have?
* Their ages and do you have males or females?
* Type of caging, bedding and diet you currently use?
* Do you own any other pets?

*You must be 18 to adopt. If you're under 18, your parents
must contact us*

Our waiting list goes by first come-first served. If we don't
have enough babies available, you will be moved to the next
available litter. If you decide not to wait or find babies
elsewhere, we'd appreciate you letting us know so we can
remove your name from our list.There is no deposit to

Babies are adopted out in same sex pairs or groups. We will
only adopt out a single rattie if you have same sex rats at
home, but prefer they are adopted with a sibling.

**Our babies are adopted as
pets only, except for         
ratteries that we currently are working with or are one
recommended by someone we know and trust. We have an
adoption/pet only contract that you will need to sign at time
of pick up.*

   We start reserving when babies are around 3 weeks old.   
We will contact you after we have decided on which ones we
are keeping.
Babies are ready to go at 6 weeks. We will set up pick up
days and times at 4-5 weeks.
Babies are 20.00 or 2 for
Remember to bring a carrier when picking up the babies.
Carriers can be purchased at most pet stores.
We love getting updates on the ratties. Please keep us
informed of how they are doing and if you have any
questions about them.
If at anytime you can not keep them, you need to notify us
so we can take them back or help you find a new home for
If you have any questions or concerns, email us