JM Pisces
JM Leo
Pisces had 10 babies just after midnight on Oct. 1st. Sadly, we lost 3 of
them the first day :( Just like her sister, Libby, she is a petite girl and
the delivery was hard on her and the babies. One other baby was
struggling, but is doing really well now and gaining weight.
Mom and the remaining babies are doing well. It looks like we have 4
boys and 3 girls. I also was very surprised to see one of the girls is a
Manx!! (tail less) I knew it was in the line but the last one born that I'm
aware of was 5 generations ago.

I'll get some pics of them up in a couple days :)
Boys- 7 days old
Girls - 7 days old
Manx girl
Update 10-8...Baby pics! They are all doing wonderful. And so cute! I'll update again once
their fur comes in :)

Update 10-14..Baby pics! They are all doing really well. Some have opened their eyes.
they are just adorable.
Girl 1
Agouti Berkshire Dumbo
Girl 2
Agouti Roan Manx Dumbo
** Keeping **
Girl 3
Agouti Stiped Roan Dumbo
Boy 1
Agouti Roan Dumbo
Boy 2
Agouti Roan Dumbo
** Keeping **
Boy 3
Agouti Striped Dumbo
Boy 4
Agouti Striped Dumbo