Pandora had 12 babies on 3-11. Sadly, we have lost 7 of them :( The last
several days have been difficult. Pandora is fine but I don't think she is
making enough milk. The 5 remaining babies have milk bellies, though a
couple don't have very much. I just have to hold out hope that she can
keep these ones going. There is 2 boys and 3 girls. I'll update in a few
days to update how they are doing.

Update 3-20...We have lost two of the girls :(  The 2 boys and one girl are
doing well and growing. I will be keeping the girl and the boys are
reserved. These are pics of them from yesterday.
Boy 1
Black Roan Dumbo
* Home with Dick & Nina *
Boy 2
Black Blazed Berkshire
* Home with Dick & Nina *
Update 3-26.. New pics! Babies are doing wonderful. Pandora is taking very good
care of them and they are getting chubby and growing.
Girl 1
Black Roan Dumbo
** Keeping JM Amiyah **