Paige had 12 babies on Jan. 25th. Sadly, we lost a female the
first day. The rest of the babies are doing well, though one
male is very tiny.
Looks like we have 6 girls and 5 boys. We'll get a pic up of
them in a couple days when they start to show some color.
girls 1-30
Boys 1-30
First pics! We lost a boy and one of the girls is not doing well, so
she's not in the pic. She's very tiny and not thriving.
The rest of them are looking good. A couple are a little smaller but are
growing. Paige has had a tough time settling into motherhood. But
has been doing better the last couple days so we're hopeful for the
remaining babies. More updates once they get some fur.
Girls 2-3
Boys 2-3
2-3..New pics! Babies are doing well. Still have a couple girls that are tiny,
but we're hopeful they'll do ok. We'll do some individuals of them in a few

2-7..New pics! Sadly we lost one of the smaller girls. The other girl is very
tiny. We're going to hold off on deciding who else we may keep until we see
how she does. Will update again after they open their eyes.

2-11..Babies are doing great. We will be keeping a male, just haven't decided
which one yet. We'll update their pics next week and start reserving them. If
you're on the waiting list, we'll be in touch soon :)
Girl 1
American Blue Burmese Self
* Keeping JM Cassidy*
Boy 1
American Blue Burmese
Irish Dumbo
*Home with Tony of RH *
Girl 2
American Blue Point BES
Irish Dumbo
*Home with Chrys H. *
Boy 2
Black Eye Siamese
Irish Dumbo
* Keeping JM Konnor *
Boy 3
American Blue Burmese
Self Dumbo
*Home with Jennifer S.*
Girl 3
Burmese Irish Dumbo
* Home with Chrys H. *
Girl 4
Burmese Irish Dumbo
(Tiny girl)
* Keeping JM Morgan *
Boy 4
American Blue Point BES
Irish Dumbo
*Home with Jennifer S.*