Mocha had 13 babies on 6-14! Mom and babies are doing great. A
couple of them are tiny but they have nice milk bellies, so we're
hopeful they will do well.
It looks like we have 9 boys. 5 rex and 4 smooth coat.
and 4 girls. 3 rex and one smooth coat.
We'll have a pic of them up in a couple days.
Update 6-20..First pics! Babies are doing well, though we still have
one boy that is smaller. We'll have another update on them when
their fur comes in.

Update 6-28... Individuals are up! They are doing great. We are
keeping the smallest boy. He's doing better but still way smaller
than his siblings. We'll be ready to reserve next weekend, after
we've decided on which other ones we are keeping.
Boy 5
Black Berkshire Rex
*Home with Lisa*
Boy 3
Mink Berkshire Rex
* Home with Lisa*
Boy 2
Black Berkshire Rex
*Keeping JM Rico*
Boy 1
Black Berkshire Dumbo
*Home with Austin*
Boy 4
Mink Self Rex Dumbo
*Home with Justine *
Boy 6
Black Self Dumbo
Home with Austin*
Girl 1
Mink Berkshire Dumbo
* Keeping JM Summer*
Girl 2
Mink Berkshire Rex
* Home with Cindy *
Girl 3
Mink Berkshire Rex Dumbo
*Home with Cindy *
Girl 4
Black Irish Rex Dumbo
* Keeping JM Raven *
Boy 7
Black Berkshire Dumbo
Home with Justine*
Boy 8
Black Berkshire Dumbo
* Home with Justine*
Boy 9
Mink Self Rex Dumbo
*Keeping JM Renny*
Update 7-6..Couple pics from yesterday. We will be updating their individual
pics in a few day. If you're on the waiting list, we'll be in touch soon.

Update 7-10..New pics!