Laylah had 8 babies on 2-16. It was a tough delivery for her and we
have lost 4 babies :( There was quite a few that were badly bruised
and they just weren't strong enough to nurse.  The 4 surviving
babies are doing well. It looks like we have 3 girls and 1 boy. The boy
is smaller but doing ok so I'm hoping he'll continue to do well.
We'll have another update and a pic up in a few more days.
Girl, Girl, Boy, Girl
6 days old
Girl, Girl Boy, Girl
6 days old
Update 2-23.. First pics of the babies. They are doing well :) The boy is still a
bit smaller than his sisters but growing so I'm not as worried about him now.
Their markings are coming in and they are just adorable. We'll get another pic
of them up once their fur comes in.

Update 3-1..New Pics! Babies are doing well. I will most likely be keeping the
only boy and one of the girls. I will make my decision on which one after they
open their eyes.
Girl 1
Black Capped/Patched Dumbo
** Keeping JM Santana **
Girl 2
Black Blazed Variegated
* Home with Kathy P. *
Girl 3
Russian Blue Patched Dumbo
* Home with Kathy P. *
Boy 1
Russian Silver Capped W/
Headspot Dumbo
   ** Keeping JM Scout **