Kiwi had 7 babies on July 13th! Mom and babies are doing
wonderful and Kiwi is being an excellent mother. It looks like
we have 2 girls and 5 boys! With 2 babies being possibly
hairless. 1 girl and 1 boy. We'll know more in about a week.
Boys: 2 dark eyed smooth and 3 light eyed rex (one possibly
Girls: 1 light eyed (possible hairless) and 1 dark eyed rex.
We'll get a pic of them up in a couple days.

Update 7-17...First pics! Babies are doing great! We'll update
again when their fur comes in.

Update 7-22..Babies are doing well. New pics from today. We
have a hairless male (which we'll be keeping) the female is a
rex. We'll probably get individual pics up at the end of the
week. We won't be ready to reserve until after they are 3

Update 7-25..Pics are up. Babies are adorable. We are holding
the two girls for now. We haven't decided on which ones we
are keeping yet besides the hairless boy. We'll update again
after they open their eyes.

Update 8-7..Babies are doing wonderful. New pics are up!
Gorgeous babies!
Boys: 7-17
Girls: 7-17
Boys 7-22
Girls 7-22
Boy 1
American Blue Agouti
Self Rex Dumbo
*Home with Austin*
Boy 2
Fawn Self Rex
Keeping JM Guinness
Boy 3
American Blue Agouti
Self Dumbo
Keeping JM Remy
Boy 4
Black Berkshire Dumbo
*Home with Austin*
Boy 5
American Blue Berkshire
Hairless Dumbo
Keeping JM Hennesy
Girl 1
American Blue
Berkshire W/ Headspot  
Rex Dumbo
*Home with Chia*
Girl 2
Black Berkshire Rex
*Home with Chia*