JM Katrina
JM Renegade
Katrina had 10 babies on 2-2-17. Mom and babies are doing well. Some
of the babies are smaller but she is taking care of them so I'm hopeful
they'll be ok. It looks like we have 7 girls and 3 boys. I'll get a pic of
them up in another day or two.
Girls-6 days old
6 days old
Update 2-8.. Baby pics! They are doing well. Katrina has settled into
motherhood and they are growing and filling out. One of the roan girls is
much smaller so we'll have to see how she does. I'll update their pics again
once they start getting some fur.

Update 2-17... Baby pics! They are so adorable. Everyone is doing well. The
smaller roan girl is catching up to her siblings. I'll be ready to reserve them
soon :)
Girl 1
Agouti Berkshire Dumbo
*Home with Heather K. *

Girl 2
Agouti Variegated Dumbo
* Home with Heather K. *
Girl 3
Black Roan Dumbo
** Keeping JM Pisces**
Girl 4
Agouti Striped Roan Dumbo
** Keeping JM Gemini **
Girl 5
Black Roan Dumbo
** Keeping JM Libra **
Girl 6
Agouti Irish Dumbo
* Home with Arah S.*
Girl 7
Agouti Berkshire Dumbo
* Home with Arah S.
Boy 1
Agouti Striped Roan Dumbo
* Home with Dick & Nina T.*
Boy 2
Agouti Roan Dumbo
** Keeping JM Leo **
Boy 3
Agouti Hooded Dumbo
* Home with Dick & Nina T.*