Jewel had 7 babies on 9-2. It was a rough delivery for her but both her
and the babies are doing well. It looks like we have 5 girls and 2 boys.
I'll get a pic of them up soon.
girls 7 days old
Boys 7 days old
Update 9-9..Babies first pics! They are doing wonderful. Jewel is a good
mom and they are getting chubby :) I'll put up a new pic in a few more
days once they have some fur in.
Girls- 12 days old
Boys- 12 days old
Update 9-14..New baby pics! They are all doing well. Rex coats tend to
take a little longer to come in. But a couple are taking a bit longer than the
others :) I don't think they are hairless but it will take another week to be
sure. I'll be taking individual pics of them in a couple days.

Update 9-18..New pics of the babies. They are doing great! Most opened
their eyes at 12 days. The two babies with the thinner coats are hairless! I
haven't seen hairless in mom's lines for about 8 years! I will hopefully have
new pics of them up this weekend.
Girl 1
Agouti Self Rex Dumbo
**Home with Jeannie S. **
Girl 2
Black Irish Rex Dumbo
** Home with Dustin T. **
Girl 3
Agouti Self Rex Dumbo
** Home with Dustin T. **
Girl 4
American Blue Hairless Dumbo
** Home with Jeannie S.**
Girl 5
American Blue Agouti Self
Rex Dumbo
**  Keeping JM Saffire**
Boy 1
Agouti Irish Rex Dumbo
** Keeping **
Boy 2
Black Irish Hairless Dumbo
** Keeping **