Hailey had 12 babies on Sept. 12th! Mom and babies are doing great! It
looks like we have 6 boys and 6 girls. All babies have light eyes so
most likely they are mink based colors, Beige, Platinum or Russian
Dove. There also is a possibility for some hairless.
Boys: 4 rex and 2 smooth
Girls: 3 smooth and 3 rex.
We'll try and get a pic of them up in a day or two. Check back for

Update 9-16.. Hailey and the babies are doing great! A couple of them
are getting a little darker. They should start getting some fuzz in a
couple more days. Check back for updates!

Update 9-19.. Babies are all doing well! They are just beginning to get
some fuzz. A couple of the boys are way darker. The rest we are going
to have to wait until they have fur to call. A lot of their eyes are darker.
We should have individual pics up at the end of the week. Pics from

Update 9-25.. New group pics. Still not sure on some of the colors. We
will update their pics when they open their eyes, probably in a day or

Update 9-29.. Updated pics!! Still unsure of some colors. The hairless
girls are tiny but growing. We will be ready to start reserving next
week. If you are on the waiting list, we'll be in touch soon.

Update 10-1..Sadly, we lost the one hairless girl. Girl 4. She was very
tiny and just wasn't thriving. Our other hairless girl is doing good. So
we are hopeful she'll make it.

Update 10-6..Updated pics. Some of them didn't come out too great.
It's more fun to run then it is to sit still for a pic! Gorgeous babies!

Update 10-15.. Took a couple group pics. Very active babies :)  First
row boys, 2nd row girls.They will be ready to go to their new homes
after 10-20.
Boys 9-19
Girls 9-19
Girl 1
Pearl Merle Berkshire
Rex Dumbo
Keeping JM Aaliyah
Girl 2
Havana Variberk odd/ eye
Hairless Dumbo
Keeping JM Tinkerbelle
Girl 3
Pearl Self Rex Dumbo
Went home with Tony
of Raffinhouse
Girl 5
Mink Berkshire Dumbo
Went home with Robin
Girl 6
Mink Merle Berkshire
Went home with Robin
Boy 1
Havana Self Rex Dumbo
Reserved for
Jenny & Bob
Boy 2
Mink Merle
Berkshire Dumbo
Keeping JM Merlin
Boy 3
Mink Irish Rex Dumbo
Reserved for
Jenny & Bob
Boy 4
Rose Gray Variberk
Odd/Eye Rex Dumbo
Keeping JM Grim
Boy 5
Havana Variberk Rex
Went home with
Debbie & Meg
Boy 6
Pearl Merle Self Dumbo
Went home with
Debbie & Meg
Boys 9-25
Girls 9-25