Gabby had 10 babies on April 23rd. Sadly, we lost 2 babies
the first day. There is a couple babies with some bruising but
they are nursing and active. All babies have black eyes as
expected. They should be Black or Russian Blue Dalmations.
It looks like we have 5 girls and 3 boys. We'll get a pic of
them up in a couple days when their markings start to show.

Update 4-29..Babies are doing well. Their markings are
starting to come in. First pics are up. More updates on them
in a couple days.
Boys 4-29
Girls 4-29
Girls 4-29
Update 5-3...New pics! Babies are all doing well. We'll have
individual pics up at the end of the week.
Boys 5-3
Girls 5-3
Girl 1
Black Patched Dumbo
Melissa C.
Girl 2
Black Masked/Dalmation
*Home with Carin W. *
Girl 3
Black Masked/Dalmation
*Keeping JM Rhapsody*
Girl 4
Russian Dove Dalmation
* Keeping JM Macy *
Girl 5
Mink Patched Dumbo
*Home with Carin W.*
Update 5-13..Pics are up. We're still deciding on our keepers. We're
holding both Russian Dove girls for now, but will decide on which
one we're keeping in a day or two. If you're on the waiting list, we'll
be in touch soon.
Boy 1
Black Possum/Dalmation
* Home with Raelene *
Boy 2
Black Eye White Dumbo
* Home with Raelene *
Boy 3
Russian Dove Capped
W/Headspot Dumbo
* Keeping JM Sterling *