Ebony had 11 babies on April 1st. Mom and babies are doing well. She
is an excellent momma and babies are growing well. It looks like we
have 3 girls and 8 boys! I will get a pic of them up at the end of the week
once their colors and markings show better.

Update 4-9..Babies first pics! They are doing wonderful. They are black
and agouti and very cute. I'll be putting up individual pics of them up
this weekend.
Update 4-13...New pics! They are so adorable. Mom is doing a great job with them and they
are growing and getting chubby. I will update with new pics again next week after they have
opened their eyes. If you are on the list for these babies, I'll be in touch soon :)
Girl 1
Black Varieberk W/ Headspot
Keeping  **
Girl 2
Black Blazed Berkshire Dumbo
Home with Janet P.**
Girl 3
Agouti Varieberk W/Headspot
Home with Janet P. **
Boy 1
Black Berkshire Dumbo
Hime with Emily W. **
Boy 2
Agouti Irish Dumbo
Home with  Emily W. **
Boy 3
Black Irish Dumbo
** Keeping **
Boy 4
Agouti Berkshire Dumbo
Home with  Shauna G. **
Boy 5
Black Berkshire Dumbo
Home with Lauren W. **
Boy 6
Black Varieberk W/Headspot
Home with Shauna G. **
Boy 7
Agouti Irish
Home with Lauren W. **
Boy 8
Black Blazed Berkshire Dumbo
** Keeping  **