Delilah had 10 babies on 10-8! Mom and babies are doing
well. We think we have 7 girls and 3 boys.
Girls: 4 dark eyes and 3 light eyes
Boys: 1 dark eye and 2 light eyes
We'll put a pic of them up in soon!

10-12...First pics! Babies are doing wonderful!! The blazed
babies most likely will be staying here :) Will update again
when they get their fur in.

Update 10-16..Babies are doing great. They are getting their
fur and we believe we have 3 hairless babies! 2 girls and 1
boy! We're going to get individuals of them up by the end of
the week.

Update 10-30.. Pics are up! Gorgeous babies! They are all
bundles of energy!

Update 11-10.. Sadly, we lost Girl 3 a few days ago :( She
will be greatly missed.
We took some group pics of the babies today. They will be
ready for their new homes on the 19th.
Boys 10-12
Girls 10-16
Boys 10-16
Girl 1
Cinnamon Self Rex
*Went home with Lisa*
Girl 2
Cinnamon Self Rex Dumbo
*Went home
with                  Susan*
Girl 3
Black Berkshire Hairless
*Sleep well, Sweet Pea*
Girl 5
Agouti Self Rex
*Went home with Abby*
Girl 4
Black Blazed Berkshire
Rex Dumbo
* Keeping*
Girl 6
Agouti Berkshire Hairless
*Went home with Lisa*
Girl 7
Cinnamon Pearl Self Rex
*Went home with Abby*
Boy 3
Pearl Merle Berkshire
Rex Dumbo
* Keeping*
Boy 2
Agouti Self Hairless
*Went home
Raffinhouse Rattery*
Boy 1
Rose Gray Blazed
Variberk Rex Dumbo
Abbey's and Delilah's boys