Corona had 10 babies on 3-27. The delivery of the last 2 babies
was difficult for her and they were both stillborn:( She was
exhausted and unable to care for the litter for several hours.
She is doing much better now, thankfully. But we lost 2 babies
yesterday. The remaining babies look good but are on the
small side, with one girl being very tiny. We believe we have 3
boys and 3 girls.

Boys: 2 rex and 1 smooth coat  Girls: all 3 rex coat. We'll have
an update on them in a couple days.

Update 3-31.. Babies are doing well. Corona is taking very
good care of them. We are very hopeful they are going to be
fine. We will get a pic of them up soon.

Update 4-2..First pics! Babies are doing wonderful.

Update 4-8..Individual pics are up! Babies are all Cinnamon
variations. We'll have to wait until their eyes open to be sure
on some of the colors.

Update 4-14..Babies are doing great. They are starting to
nibble on food and drink from the water bottle. Took a couple
pics today of them and we'll be updating their pics by the end
of the week.

Update 4-18.. New pics are up. Adorable babies. We'll be ready
to reserve them in a few days. If you're on the waiting list for
this litter, we'll be in touch soon.
Boys 4-2
Girls 4-2
Boy 1
Cinnamon Self Rex
~ Home with Carin ~
Boy 2
Cinnamon Pearl Self Rex
~ Home with Carin ~
Boy 3
Pearl Merle Self Dumbo
~ Keeping  JM Cheze ~
Girl 1
Cinnamon Self Rex
~ Keeping JM Karamel ~
Girl 2
Cinnamon Pearl Self Rex
~ Keeping JM Cameo ~
Girl 3
Cinnamon Self Hairless
~ Reserved for Tony
    of RH ~