RH Cocoa of JM
JM RH Phantom
Cocoa had her babies on 12-16! Mom and babies are doing
great. We have 3 girls. All 3 have dark eyes and have rex
coats. They should be Black and Agouti. We will get a pic of
them up in a day or two.

Update 12-21..First pics! Babies are doing great! Chubby
baby girls. Will update in a few days when their fur comes in.

Update 12-27...Babies are doing wonderful. So chubby.
Individuals are up.

Update 1-4..Girls are doing great!  New pics are up.
Beautiful, sweet babies.

Update 1-18.. The girls are doing wonderful. Couple new pics
of them are up. They are such sweet and playful girlies.
Babies will be ready to go to their new homes next week.
Girl 1
Agouti Self Rex Dumbo
*Went home with Leah*
Girl 2
Agouti Self Rex Dumbo
*Keeping *
 JM Kiwi
Girl 3
Black Self Rex Dumbo
*Went home with Leah*