Chyna had 9 babies on 11-25. Mom and babies are doing well.
It looks like we have 5 boys and 4 girls. We'll get a pic of them
up soon.
Girls 11-28
Boys 11-28
First pics! We'll update and take another pic once they get some fur.
Girls 12-3
Boys 12-3
12-3.. Babies are doing wonderful. Nice and chubby and their fur is
coming in nicely. We'll put up some individual pics next week.

12-13..Pics are up! Beautiful babies. They are starting to nibble on
food and drink from the water bottle. Babies are all reserved and will
be ready to go to their new homes around Jan. 6th.
Boy 1
Burmese Self
* Home with Dick & Nina*
Boy 2
Burmese Self
* Home with Emma *
Boy 3
Burmese Self Dumbo
** Keeping JM Austin **
Boy 4
Burmese Irish Dumbo
* Home with Emma *
Boy 5
American Blue Burmese Self
* Home with Dick & Nina *
Girl 1
Siamese Self Dumbo
* Home with Kelly Anne *
Girl 2
Black Eye Siamese Self
** Keeping JM Nova **
Girl 4
Siamese Self
* Home with Kelly Anne *
Girl 3
Burmese Irish Dumbo
* Home with Kelly Anne *