Cherry had 10 babies on 1-23-07. Mom and babies are doing
well and Cherry is being an excellent mother. It looks like
we have 6 girls and 4 boys!

Update 1-27.. Babies are doing wonderful. We don't think
any are hairless, but need a couple more days to be sure.
First Pics!

Update 1-30..Babies are doing great. There isn't any
hairless and all appear to be self. We'll be doing individuals
at the end of the week when they have more fur.

Update 2-9.. Babies pics updated! They are so adorable!

Update 2-14...Babies are doing great! This is a very friendly
and out going litter! We'll be updating their pics over the
next few days. Here's a couple from today.

Update 2-23..Babies are eating well and are popcorning,
playful fuzzbuts. Here's a few pics of them trying to escape
while we're taking pics of them. :) They will be ready for
their new homes after March 1st.
Boys 1-27
Girls 1-27
Girls 1-30
Boys 1-30
Girl 1
Agouti Self Dumbo
Went home with Vicki
Girl 2
Mink Self Dumbo
JM Cheyenne
Girl 3
Silvered Fawn Self
JM Chloe
Girl 4
Mink Irish Rex Dumbo
Went home
with                   Debbie
Girl 5
Agouti Irish Dumbo
Went home with Vicki
Girl 6
Black Irish Rex
home with
Debbie K.
Boy 1
Pearl Merle Self Dumbo
Keeping JM Simon
Boy 2
Black Self Dumbo
Went home with Lauren
Boy 3
Pearl Merle Self Rex Dumbo
Went home with Lauren
Boy 4
Cinnamon Self Rex Dumbo

Went home withTony
    of RH