RH Chelsey
JM Andre
Chelsey had 16 babies on 8-1!! Mom and babies are doing well. All the babies
have milk bands but a few are small and bruised. Chelsey is a very protective
mom, so we didn't want to have the babies out too long. But we'll try and get
a pic in a day or so when she's more settled.
It looks like we have 9 girls and 7 boys!
Boys: 1 Black eye Rex, 3 Black eye Smooth,
2 light eye Rex & 1 light eye Smooth
Girls: 3 Black eye Rex, 5 Black eye Smooth,
1 light eye Rex
Black eye babies are most likely Black or Russian Blue, with a chance for
American Blue and Russian Silver.
Light eyes babies could be Mink, Platinum or Beige. Check back for updates!!

Update 8-3.. Sadly, we lost 2 babies yesterday. Both dark eye smooth, boy
and a girl. There is a couple more that are bruised and small. The rest of the
babies look pretty good.

Update 8-5..Babies are doing well. Even the smaller ones are catching up. It
looks like the dark babies are mostly shades of Blue, but there could be a
couple black. Markings are starting to show and we have berks and
variberks. We'll be able to tell more in a couple days.   

Update 8-7.. Babies are doing great. We are going to be doing individual pics
in a couple days when their fur comes in. Pics from

Update 8-21..A few group pics from yesterday.

Update 8-25..Babies are doing well. All pics updated! Beautiful babies!!! So
friendly and out going,too. They are all kissy babies and love being handled.
We wish we could keep them all!

Update 9-3..Babies are growing and very playful! New pics from today.
Babies will be ready for their new homes around 9-8.
Girl 3
Black Variberk Dumbo
Went home with Kelly
Girl 1
Black Berkshire Rex Dumbo
Went home with
Jenny & Bob
Girl 2
Black Variberk Dumbo
Went home                  
with Penney
Girl 5
Russian Blue Self Dumbo
Went home with Kat
Girl 4
Russian Blue Berkshire
Went home with Kelly
Girl 6
Russian Blue Self Rex Dumbo
Went home with Penny
Girl 7
Russian Blue Variberk Rex
Keeping JM Breeze
Girl 8
Beige Variberk Rex Dumbo
Went home with
Jenny & Bob
Boy 2
Mink Based Platinum
Lightning Blaze Odd/Eye
Variberk Rex Dumbo
Went home with Kathy
Boy 1
Russian Blue Variegated
Keeping JM Zeus
Boy 3
Mink Based Platinum
Variegated Rex Dumbo
Went home with
Boy 5
Black Variegated
Rex Dumbo
Keeping JM Pepper
Boy 6
Black Berkshire
W/ Headspot Dumbo
Went home
with                 Kathy
Boy 4
Russian Dove Irish Dumbo
Went home with Kathy
Boys 8-7