Averri had her babies late Friday night.It was a very difficult delivery.
She was exhausted and though keeping her babies close to her, was
not caring for them. About 12 hours after delivery, she started
nursing and by Saturday afternoon I started seeing milk bellies. I kept
massaging her belly to help the remaining babies come out but
wasn't expecting to see any more live babies. Finally the lodged baby
came out and a few hours after that several more babies were born. I
To my amazement, one baby was born alive. And continues to do
Averri is doing much better and the remaining babies are looking
good. They all have milk bellies and are pink and active.
We have 3 boys and one girl.
I'm so thankful that my momma is doing well. She's a strong rattie girl.
I'll have more updates on them in a few days.
Update 1-25..Baby pics from yesterday. They are all doing wonderful. Momma is
feeling much better and is taking very good care of them. I'm very thankful all of
them are doing so well. I'll have another update and new pics in a few days
when their fur comes in.
Boy satin, Boy satin, boy satin rex, female satin
Boy satin, boy satin rex, female satin, boy satin
Update 1-30...Babies are doing wonderful. They started opening their eyes and
are chubby and active. I'll decide on which babies I'm keeping in a week or so.
Girl 1
Pink Eye White Satin
~ Keeping JM Portia ~
Boy 1
American Blue Burmese
Satin Rex Dumbo
~ Keeping ~
Boy 2
Burmese Satin Dumbo
~ Home with Amy G. ~
Boy 3
Siamese Satin Dumbo
~ Home with Amy G. ~