JM Avalon
JM Zander
Avalon had 11 babies on 11-27. Mom and babies are doing well. Avalon is a
wonderful mom and the babies always have full bellies :) It looks like we
have 5 boys and 6 girls. I'll get a pic of them up soon.
6 days old
6 days old
Update 12-3... Baby pics! They are all doing great! Avalon is doing wonderful with
them. Have a nice mix of standard and dumbo ears. And several different colors as
I was hoping with one girl looking to be a possible hairless :) I'll have another
update and new pics in a few days when their fur comes in.

Update 12-11..New pics of the babies! They are all doing well and starting to open
their eyes. I haven't decided on which boy I'm keeping yet. I'll be ready to reserve
them in about a week.
Boy 1
Agouti Self
*Reserved for Dick & Nina *
Boy 2
Russian Blue Point Siamese
*Reserved for Dick & Nina *
Boy 3
Russian Blue Point
Siamese Dumbo
** Keeping  **
Boy 4
Russian Blue Self
Reserved for Alanna & Evan
Boy 5
Seal Point Siamese Dumbo
* Reserved for Alanna & Evan
Girl 1
Russian Blue Agouti Irish
* Reserved for Kathy P. *
Girl 2
Russian Blue Point Siamese
* Reserved for Kathy P.*
Girl 3
Seal Point Siamese
* Reserved for Susanne *
Girl 4
Russian Blue Agouti Self
* Keeping *
Girl 5
Cinnamon Hairless Dumbo
* Keeping *
Girl 6
Black Irish Dumbo
* Reserved for Susanne *