Autumn had 14 babies on 5-18. Mom and babies are doing great! She is settling
into motherhood well and babies are well fed. A few babies are a bit smaller but
that is to be expected in a big litter. It looks like we have 9 girls and 5 boys. And
I'm excited to see there are also 5 roan babies! I'll get a pic of them up in a couple
more days once their markings come in a little better.
Update 5-24...Babies first pics! Sadly, we have lost 2 boys and 1 girl :( They were tiny
and not thriving. The rest are doing very well. A couple girls are smaller but they look
good. It appears the girls are black and agouti with 1 girl having lighter eyes so she
should be either beige or fawn. The boys look to be agouti and cinnamon. I'll update
again with new pics once they get some fur.

Update 5-31..Pics are up! They are all doing great and are absolutely adorable :) I'm still
deciding on which ones I'm keeping. I may keep all the boys and will be keeping 2 girls.
Just undecided on which other roan girl will be staying. I'll update their pics when they
are around 3 weeks and then be ready to reserve.
Girls 5-24
Boys 5-24
Girl 1
Black Roan Dumbo
** Keeping JM Sylvia **
Girl 2
Agouti Hooded Dumbo
* Home with Christy F. *
Girl 3
Agouti Roan Dumbo
* Home with Jenn T. *
Girl 4
Agouti Roan Dumbo
* Home with Jenn T. *
Girl 5
Black Berkshire Dumbo
* Home with Jenn T. *
Girl 6
Agouti Berkshire Dumbo
* Home with Christy F. *
Girl 7
Agouti Variegated Dumbo
 ** Keeping JM Riley **
Girl 8
Cinnamon Striped Roan
** Keeping JM Marin **
Boy 1
Agouti Roan Dumbo
*Keeping JM Pharoh **
Boy 2
Mink Variegated Dumbo
** Keeping **
Boy 3
Cinnamon Irish Dumbo
** Keeping **