Abbey had 10 babies on 10-4. One baby was stillborn. She had
a very difficult labor and delivery. Sadly, we lost 6 babies the
first day. :(   Abbey is being a very attentive mother and we're
hopeful the 3 remaining babies will do well. We have 3 boys...2
rex and 1 smooth coat.

Update 10-8..The boys are doing wonderful! They have full
bellies and are active. We will put a pic of them up soon!

Update 10-9..Pics of the boys. They are all going to be light
colored. Probably Beige or Platinum. Will update their pics
when their fur starts to come in.

10-12..The boys are doing wonderful!! Their fur is just starting
to come in. Still not sure of their colors just yet. We most
likely will be keeping one of them.

10-16...Boys are doing wonderful. Their fur is coming in and
they're getting chubby. We'll have individual pics of them up
by Thursday.

Update 10-27..Boys are doing great! Chubby little guys! New
pics are up!

Update 11-10...Took a couple pics of the boys. They are doing
wonderful and will be ready for their new homes next week!
Boy 1
Fawn Self Rex Dumbo
*Went home with Rita*
Boy 2
Platinum Self Dumbo
Boy 3
Buff Rex Dumbo
*Went home with Rita*
With Delilah's Boys