Aaliyah had 12 babies on Mar.29th!! Mom and babies are doing
well. She is being a wonderful mom. It looks like we have 8 boys
and 4 girls.

Update 4-1..Babies are doing great! Count has changed to
7 boys and 5 girls. :)  A lot of surprise markings as well. First
pics! Will update their pics in a few more days!

Update 4-3..Babies are doing great. They look to be Black and
Mink based. They are stunning! We are probably going to keep
a few and the rest are reserved to our waiting list. Will try and
do individual pics this weekend. Pics from today!

Update 4-13..Updated the babies pics! Except for girl 3. She is
still very tiny and not doing well. :(  They are beginning to open
their eyes. We will update their pics next week.

Update 4-20.. Sadly, we lost Girl 3. :(  She was so tiny.
The rest of the babies are doing well. We have their pics
updated. Some are a bit blurry. They are very active fuzz butts!
Girls 4-1
Boys 4-1
Girls 4-3
Boys 4-3
Boy 1
Black Self Rex Dumbo
*Went home
Boy 2
Black Blazed Berkshire
*Went home
Boy 3
Black Self Rex Dumbo
*Went home
    with  Lisa*
Boy 4
Havana Blazed Variegated
Keeping JM Rebel
Boy 5
Black Blazed Berkshire
Rex Dumbo
Keeping JM Ozzy
Boy 6
Pearl Merle Berkshire
*Went home
   with Lisa*
Boy 7
Black Dalmation Dumbo
*Reserved for Jesse*
Girl 1
Black Variberk
Rex Dumbo
* Went home with Kathy*
Girl 2
Black Broken Blaze
Berkshire Rex Dumbo
*Went home with Tammy*
Girl 4
Mink Lightening Blaze
Berkshire Rex Dumbo
*Went home with Kathy*
Girl 5
Mink Blazed Variberk
Keeping JM Samara